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Hospital And Doctors
       The first hospital in Burns Lake and district was at John Keefe's ranch at Southbank in 1919. Rev. Dr. James Wallace was the first doctor to stay awhile. Before doctors from Hazelton and Fraser served the area by travelling by dogteam in winter and horse in summer. In 1920 the first permanent doctor arrived, Dr. A. Groy. He had to wait at Francois Lake till the ice went out to cross the ferry, which he did on May 20, 1920. He was in time to deliver Mrs. Keefe's first baby, Marion, now Mrs. Bill Mammery of Prince George.
       In June 1920 the hospital moved to Prosser Point now known as Hospital Point in Southbank. Recently the southside Kinsmen turned the point into a park. The first baby born at Prosser Point was Hector Gerow, son of Mr. D. Gerow on June 20, 1920. In 1922, a women doctor, Dr. Mosyl Williams arrived. Later in 1924, the hospital with Miss A. Moore as superintendent moved to Burns Lake and was established in a log house at the corner of 3rd and Center. This is the present Westergarde home. This hospital served for 7 years. Mrs. J. Gowans acted as assistant and Mrs. Granny Wilson acted in the cooking and equipment. She also did the laundry and took care of general patient care. For an operating table, the dining room table with an extra sleeve served. The first baby born here was to Eric Ericksons of Danskin on Oct. 15, 1924. In 1925 Dr. Stele came and served for 2 years. Up to 1929, the area was served by Dr. Hankinson of Smithers and Dr. Holmes of Ft. Fraser. In 1929 Dr. Holmes came and served the district for over 26 years. The last two years he was helped out by Dr. Greene. In 1955 Dr. T. Thompson moved here and in 1956 Dr. Jack Matvenko. Now, Dr. Thompson is doing mission work and Dr. Matvenko is specializing in eyes. We are presently being served by Dr. Battersby and Dr. King as helper. Also Dr. Mann serves the district.
       In 1931 a new hospital was built and served until our present hospital which was opened in August of 1960. The hospital is very modern and is equipped with an operating table.
       The time of lamps and dining room tables has fast faded.