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Burns Lake - A Retrospect
Produced by students in the 1966 General Business II class
Lakes District Secondary School

       This booklet has been prepared by the combined efforts of some of the students in the General Business 11 class, with Sharon Sandercott, Editor, and Shirley Shelford, Treasurer. Joyce Minger, Darlene Fehr, Wendy Stephenson, Suzanne Raymond, Esther Watson and Rosella Weymer acted as reporters in collecting, editing, and presenting the material in this booklet to give people an idea of the history of Burns Lake and surrounding areas. Special thanks to Miss Marcella Leins for the time she devoted to typing the material. Also special thanks to Mr. Kinahan who made it possible for this booklet to be published.
       I would also like to thank the people who gave willingly of their time to be interviewed and to those who wrote letters telling of their early esperiences in this country. Also thanks to the people who so kindly let us borrow their photographs.
       Without this combined co-operation, this booklet would not be possible.

           Sharon Sandercott, editor      February 1966

       A special thank you to the following: Mrs. Saunders, Mrs. Janzen, Mr. & Mrs. Mann (late Mr. Mann), Mr. Kaler, Mr. C. Williams, Mrs. Lynton, Mr. McKenna, Mr. A. Shelford, Mrs. B. Carroll, Mr. C. Harrison, Mr. 0. Harrison, Mr. D. Carroll, Mrs. Mills, Mr. K. Nysven, Mr. F. Stearns, Mr. R. Minger, Mrs. D. Gerow, Mr. G. Saul, Mr. & Mrs. Keefe, Mr. F. Beach, Mr. Sturgeon (late), Mrs. Moore, Mr. Cassidy, Mrs. Beaver, Mr. M. O'Knianski, Mr. tickle, Mr. & Mrs. D. Robinson

A copy of this manuscript will be found at the Burns Lake Public Library

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