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Wistaria BC

  • Info on Alan Blackwell's book on the area.

  • Also check Settlers & Early Arrivals for more residents.

  • Wisteria Residents in 1945
    NOTE: These names were collected from various sources. The list should in no way be considered complete and accurate.

    Andrews James - Trapper
    Blackwell Edgar - Farmer
    Carroll P J - Laborer
    Esbenshade C F - Farmer
    Ferguson Alex - Farmer
    Harrison Alford J - Farmer
    Harrison Bryan R - Guide
    Harrison Clif V - Sawmill
    Harrison Orald A - Miner
    Harrison William H - Miner
    Kerr William B - Farmer
    Klaverwyden J P E - Farmer
    Larson Erland - Farmer
    Lawson George - Farmer
    Lawson Gordon - Farmer
    Lund Jacob - Farmer
    MacGregor Roy C - Clerk
    McIvor John - Active Service
    Matherson John - Farmer
    Mohr Edward - Farmer
    Mohr Elmer C - Farmer
    Moore R S - Farmer
    Morgan James E - Guide
    Nelson J S - Farmer
    Nelson Louisa - School Teacher
    Nelson William R - Farmer & Postmaster
    Nutter Sam - Active Service
    Plumb Herbert - Fur Farmer
    Priest Loren J - Farmer
    Priest Loren S - Farmer
    Roberts Mrs. William H -
    Seel George V - Miner
    Shelford Arthur - Farmer
    Shelford Hugh M - Active Service
    Shelford John L - Fur Farmer
    Shelford Myles - Farmer
    Shelford Cyril - Farmer
    Spicer Frederick E - Active Service
    Walter William C - Farmer