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Knud Nysven

Knut was born on the family farm in Bruflat, Etendal, Norway on October 20, 1894. He and Siver AMODT (Sivert ANDERSEN) immigrated to the United States about 1912. Knut entered Canada in 1913 and spent several years on the Canadian praries. He worked in Ocean Falls, Alert Bay, and Prince Rupert, B.C. He also hacked railroad ties around Yahk, B.C., before moving up into the interior. Knut homesteaded at Tatalrose, BC along the shores of Francois Lake at McDonald's Landing.
He partnered with Sivert Andersen, Haaken Maydol, and Pete Olsen to purchase Phill Brunnell's store at Decker Lake in 1924.
Knut married Irish born Dorothy FORSYTHE in Smithers, B.C., in 1939. They farmed at McDonald's Landing until selling the farm in July of 1967 and eventually retired to Quesnel, B.C. Knut passed away in 1980, his ashes were returned to Norway and buried in the family plot in Bruflat. Dorothy currently resides in Quesnel.

Children: Kristian James, Ann(Sandercott), Fredrick William, Katherine Lorriane(Mobley), Ernest John, and Ingeborg Joylyn.