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Frank L Mosher

Vital Statistics Death Index lists a Frank L Mosher that died December 6, 1918 in Hazelton, his age was 53.

page 14 in Marks Of A Century " About 1914 Frank Mosher who had come out some years before from New Brunswick, started a store in Houston on the north side of the tracks on what today would be 6th street. He had a partner by the name of Mr Law and they had previously operated a store at Nadina, where he had presumably supplied the miners and trappers of that area. They dealt mostly in furs, the demand for which being amply supported by the railwaymen for coats, and for about five years all mail and provisions were obtained from this log store."

Page 51 "Meanwhile the little grocerie store and post office in Houston needed a manager, Mr Mosher, who had owned it, had recently passed away and Mrs Mosher wanted to sell. John Goold bought the operation in 1919."

Page 60 "It was while Mrs Mosher was on holidays in New Brunswick that Mr Mosher succumbed to the 1918 Flu, and like so many old timers, was laid to rest in the Hazelton Cemetery ....To comfort her sister Miss Marr accompanied Emma back to Houston...where they lived for the next five years with their faithful dog Shinty..."

Page 139 Frank Mosher was a part owner of the Diamond Belle mine.

Page 207 Frank Mosher took over the Post Office in 1914. (the National Archives site re: Post Offices and Postmasters...lists F L Mosher as the first Postmaster at Houston the Post Office opening on April 1st 1914)