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James Henry (Hank) Snodgrass

James Henry (Hank) Snodgrass arrived at Francois Lake in 105 with George Culp. He had the property on Francois Lake now owned by John Van Zanten. Bob Innes recalled a man by the name of Neal Nevin unloading 71 head of cattle at Bella Coola destined for Hank Snodgrass's place. Nevin, along with Jake Henkel, who related this story, and several other men ran into trouble with early snows. They had to cut trail all the way down the lake from Nadina. With no feed or hay for the cattle, most died on the trip.

Hank died August 2nd 1926 at Hazelton aged 73 and was buried in St Lukes Church graveyard at Francois Lake.
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