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Robert (Bob) Innes

Robert Warren Innes and Bob Murray enter the area via Bella Coola in 1905. Bob staked 2.5 sections adjoining Mark Brenan on Ootsa Lake. He returned to Bella Coola that fall.
In the spring of 1906, Bob returned to the area with Harold Bennett and Pete Kenyen. Bob staked 1 section at Tatalrose Lake and 1 section at McDonalds Landing for a Mrs Armstrong. He also staked a half section for himself on Innis Lake which he later sold to Fred Wiggins. He then staked a quarter section for Mrs Fossie possible on Bickle Lake. He staked a quarter section at Grassy Plains for Antone Sornson. He aslo staked 10 sections for Bill Poole in the vicinity of Sparrow's Ranch and around Molice & Uncha Lake.
Bob returned to the area angain in 1907 with Ed Hattrup. Bob staked 10 sections, 4 at Colleymount that summer for Jim Hunter and Associates.
Bob married Agnes Mary Andrews August 19th 1916 in Rossland BC, he died October 19th 1958 in Burns Lake aged 79.

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