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Neil Finch Gale

Neil Finch Gale, father of Frank, Roy and George Gale. Gale Lake is named for him. He is buried in the Burns Lake Cemetery. He died in 1945. He was born in Ohio and lived in Minnesota before moving to Ontario. From Ontario the family moved west following the railroad development as it crossed Canada. A son William died in Winnipeg. Eventually they arrived in B.C. and "Old Man Gale" or "The Factor", as he called himself, lived out the last of his days near the west end of Francois Lake. His wife's name was Elsie Van Bushkirk. After some time Elsie, Roy, and George returned to the USA, only Frank and his family remained in Canada permanently, they took up commercial fishing on the coast and retired to Victoria in the end. The family was associated with the settlement of Nadina River for three decades through the late 1920's the 1930's and the first half of the 1940's.

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