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Palling BC

  • Palling's post office opened in December of 1919 with John Berg as postmaster. He ran the office untill May of 1921 when he resigned.

  • Also check Settlers & Early Arrivals for more residents.
Bits and Pieces . . .

  • Palling Residents in 1945
    NOTE: These names were collected from various sources. The list should in no way be considered complete and accurate.

    Anderson Buel - Laborer
    Anderson Garnet E - Laborer
    Anderson Gust - Farmer
    Anderson H M - Laborer
    Anderson Ken - Laborer
    Anderson Orville G - Farmer
    Ecklund Nels - Farmer
    Erickson Nils - Retired
    Holmgren Carl - Farmer
    Kain Albert - Farmer
    Kain Don - Laborer
    Larson Harry - Farmer
    Lindaas Carl - Farmer
    Long Harry A - Farmer
    Long John A - Farmer
    Mattras Charles - Laborer
    Miller Otto H - Farmer
    Moe Mrs. Ern - Trapper
    Neville Jeffery - Farmer
    Nyeste Gabor - Farmer
    Orr Albert - Laborer
    Orr Elmer - Laborer
    Orr Harry - Laborer
    Orr John - Farmer
    Saunders William C - Farmer & PM
    Swenson E - Sawmill Worker
    Walter Don - Trapper
    Wessel Henry - Farmer