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Ootsa Lake BC
Bits and Pieces . . .

  • Ootsa Lake Residents in 1945
    NOTE: These names were collected from various sources. The list should in no way be considered complete and accurate.

    Beaver Mrs. Albert -
    Bennett Cecil - Farmer
    Bennett Harold - Farmer & Postmaster
    Bergen Herman - Farmer
    Bergen Isaac - Farmer
    Bergen Jacob - Farmer
    Chapansky Mrs. -
    Clark Mrs. James -
    Dick Herman P - Farmer
    Dyck Herman H - Farmer
    Eakin Sam - Fur Farmer
    Eakin Sam Jr. - Farmer
    Henry Stan - Farmer
    Knox John - Guide
    McKindley Thomas - Trapper
    McNeill John - Mgr Circle Guides
    Martens John W - Farmer
    Ragsdale Otto - Mechanic
    Schreiber Norman - Mail Carrier
    Van Tine Edward - Farmer