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Noralee BC
  • Also check Settlers & Early Arrivals for more residents.

  • Road along the north shore of Francois Lake as it runs past Paradise Lodge this is a late 40's or early 1950's photo. Passed along by Leah Tourond:

  • This is the "old" Store and Gas Station at Nora Lee (Francois Lake). In foreground is Forrest Moore, owner & proprieter.
    Passed along by Leah Tourond:

  • Noralee School children in spring 1956. Doris Carleton was the school teacher.

  • Noralee School children in late 1950's.
Bits and Pieces . . .

  • Named after Nora & Lee Newgard, the first postmasters of Noralee.
  • During the early years Grainger Bros supplied logs and railroad ties to the Nicholson Sawmill located three miles west of the ferry landing. Contract For Ties.

  • Noralee Residents in 1945
    NOTE: These names were collected from various sources. The list should in no way be considered complete and accurate.

    Antilla Aale A - Active Service
    Antilla Evelyn L M -
    Antilla John - Farmer
    Antilla Wallace A - Active Service
    Brewer James M - Farmer
    Granger Barry - Active Service
    Granger James - Farmer
    Granger Martin - Farmer
    Johnson Mrs. Blanche - Postmistress
    Johnson Ralph A - General Store
    Larsen Helmer - Farmer
    Matthew Sam - Trapper
    Mitchell Alec - Trapper
    Nelson Einer - Trapper
    Osborne Earle - General Store
    Robinson Walter - Farmer
    Rosso T - Logger
    Short Fay S - Farmer
    Short Inis - Farmer
    Tolhurst Fred J - Farmer

  • Noralee Post Office: office opened July 16, 1937 and closed August 3, 1967. Over the years there were 9 postmasters.
    • Annie Leonora Newgard
    • Lee Martin Newgard b January 23, 1881
    • Edith Blanche Johnson
    • Mabel Witherington Brewer
    • Joseph Archie Merriman
    • Margaret Grace Schreiber
    • William Henry Mutas
    • Fredrick J Tolhurst b September 7, 1898
    • Barbara Tourond