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Freeport BC

  • Also check Settlers & Early Arrivals for more residents.

  • G.T.P. construction camp established in 1912. Excess of one thousand men.

  • Believed to have been named by a local who was from Freeport, Illinois. But Freeport was anything but free. Being a major camp on the G.T.P. line, it was beseiged by hourdes of gamblers, bootleggers, and ladies of the night. A small town sprang up overnight with a hotel, gambling halls, restaraunts, and rows and rows of tents.

  • Freight made the trip to Freeport from Decker Lake via water using barges.

  • Towards th end of the rockcut construction, a terrible blasting accident killed several men, some of them were on a small island at the time. The island later took the name, "Deadman's Island, and today is the smallest provincial park in the province.

  • Freeport had its own graveyard. As many as twenty souls are buried there in unmarked garves. Not all were buried in that graveyard . . .