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Francois Lake BC

Bits and Pieces . . .

  • Francois Lake had an excellent baseball diamond over the years. Below are a few photos taken around 1948. Some of the palyers were; Sam & Claude & Bud Lord, Kip & Ken Routeley, Arnie Peebles, Bob Jones, Lawson Sugden, Barry Grainger. The score keeper was Paul Piche.

  • This photo below is from the collection of Hugh and Josie Neave. It is a team from the late 1940's early 1950's, approx. L to R is Art Tourond, John Keefe, Peter Neave, Sam Lord, Arnie Peebles, Claud Lord, Bud Lord, Bob Peebles, Pete Tourond, and Earl Deeder.

  • A thriving fur trade business flourished along the shores of Francois Lake . Below is a picture of Art and Pete Tourond with furs in front of Neave's store at Francois Lake in the early 1940's.

  • May Day celebrations at Francois Lake. (Individuals & dates unknown)

  • Francois Lake Residents in 1945
    NOTE: These names were collected from various sources. The list should in no way be considered complete and accurate.

    Cooper Lee H - Farmer
    Cooper William - Farmer
    Corliss Clarence -
    Corner W - Ferryman BC Govt
    Culp George - Retired
    Deeder Earl H - Farmer
    Forde Pat - Active Service
    Funnell William E - Market Gardener
    Gardiner Frederick A - Farmer
    Henkel Jacob W - Retired
    Hickey Clarence - Farmer
    Hickey James J - Farmer
    Hickey Everead - Farmer
    Howson Doug - Mechanic
    Jeffrey James M - Farmer
    Jeffrey Robert - Retired
    Jeffrey Robert R Jr. - Laborer
    Jones J R - J P Ranch
    Jones Mrs. J R - J P Ranch
    Keefe Edith - Nurse
    Keefe John H - Farmer
    Keefe Marion - Active Service
    Lord R E -
    McKinnon A - Master Mariner BC Govt
    Mulvany Tryarn P L - Notary
    Neave Mrs. Agnes H - Postmistress
    Neave Harold H - General Store
    Neave Hugh - Clerk Gen Store
    Nicholson John T - Prop F L Lumber
    Peebles Peter - Farmer
    Peterson - Widow
    Russel Robert A - Active Service
    Stanton Cornelius H - Farmer
    Stanton George B - Prop F L Fisheries
    Surden Jos G P - Farmer
    Thomsen Thos S - Prospector
    Vanzanten James H - Farmer
    Walker Andrew D - Farmer
    Walker John R - Retired
    Weatherspoon Archie J - Retired

  • Francois Lake Post Office: opened in April 1, 1910 and is still open. Postmasters were:
    • W D Harris
    • L O Ford
    • Robt R Jeffrey
    • J L Short
    • John A McLean
    • Mrs Ida E Prosser
    • Mrs Edith H Taylor
    • Mrs Agnes Helen Neave
    • Hugh Neave