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Endako BC

  • Also check Settlers & Early Arrivals for more residents.
  • Also check Deeper Roots and Greener Valley for more residents.

  • Harry Starkey worked as an instrument man for "Doc" Stuart in early Endako GTP construction. Transferred in on January 12, 1912. He spent over a year there on survey. They were responsible for the line from Fraser Lake to somewhere just west of Endako. He refers to residency 43 in the Fraser Lake area.

  • Starkey makes reference to his friend, Austin, being buried in the Stella Indian burial ground. The body was later removed by his family.

  • In early May of 1914 con struction was just starting on the large railway yards at the Endako Subdivision site.

  • The Endako post office opened in May of 1913 with George Cuzner as postmaster. In September of 1914, George Kerr became postmaster. When he resigned the next spring, Mr. O.N. Haydon assumed postmaster duties in June of 1915.

  • The Federal Electoral District boundary changed on August 1, 1914 and Endako became part of the Yale-Cariboo District.

Endako - British Columbia Voter's List -1920
From "Deeper Roots and Greener Valleys"

Martin Anderson - farmer
Alexander G. Annan - restaurant keeper
Grace C. Annan - housewife
Fred T. Braaton - farmer
Alexander C. Burke - farmer
Gustave A. Carlson -locomotive foreman Mildred M. Carlson - housewife
Mabel Connelly - housewife
Marcus M. Connelly - merchant
Peter C. Cousins -lineman
Lois G. Hamilton - housewife
Theodore T. Hamilton - station agent Ernest M. Hedren - farmer
Charles G. Kettyle - general agent
Evelyn M. Kettyle - housewife
Lousia LeDuke - housewife
Harry LeDuke - telegraph operator
William C. Lister - address: Savory
Alfred J. Mutten - address: Savory
Gus H. Mogden - steam shovel engineer
Florence K. Mogden - housewife
Patrick McGettigan - roadmaster
Gertrude McKeown - housewife
Hugh M. MacIntosh - clerk
Thomas P. Nielson - clerk
Zeena K. Olds - housewife
Charles Parker - fisherman
Ellen Sammons - housewife
Frederick Sammons - farmer
Charles Smith - laborer
Vera P. Sweetnam - housewife
William Sweetnam - clergyman
Ernest G. Thurlow - farmer
Edward Viney - farmer