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Colleymount BC

Bits and Pieces . . .

  • Colleymount was named after Edward Pomeroy Colley. He was a first class passenger aboard the ill fated Titanic and perished when the ship struck an iceberg and sank in the winter of 1912.

  • Colleymount Residents in 1945
    NOTE: These names were collected from various sources. The list should in no way be considered complete and accurate.

    Allin Thomas - Farmer
    Behnke William - Farmer
    Cassidy Mrs. Alice L - Postmistress
    Cassidy D W - General Store
    Coonse Claude - Farm Laborer
    Corbett Joseph - Farmer
    Corliss Arthur M - Farmer
    Hewett Hubert - Farmer
    Hunter Charles - Farmer
    Jenkins Alex - Farmer
    Johnson Herman - Farmer
    Knelsen Issac - Farmer
    Lober Chris - Farmer
    Pitts Vern A - Farmer
    Radley Tyson - Framer
    Roberts Herbert - Logger
    Roberts Joseph - Farmer
    Roberts Lloyd - Farmer
    Rosso Tony - Tie Maker
    Schroder Ray L - Farmer
    Swanson Ole - Farmer

  • Colleymount Post Office: Post Office opened April 1, 1916 and closed August 3, 1967.
    Postmasters were:
    • James Eastment
    • Mrs A L Eastment (later Cassidy)
    • Mrs Lorraine Manker